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UMG is one of the main dental products suppliers in China. UMG is group company and has R&D, production and sales teams for various dental products. Our main products are dental equipment, dental consumables, dental simulators, dental instruments and so on. In addition, we continue to work hard to update and develop new products, such as oral care products, dental laboratory equipment & furniture, dental models, etc. With ten years of experience in the export trade of dental equipment and OEM experience, we believe that caring for teeth is caring for life.

UMGROUP's Dental Specialty Center

Tangshan UMG Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. is engaged in the service of oral professionals in the enterprise. We have gathered a group of foreign trade elites with both political integrity and talent, experienced and ideal and a technical team full of inspiration and creativity. We are committed to promoting the development of dental products and make unremitting efforts UMG's products cover endodontics, dentistry, hygiene, implantology, oral care, orthodontics, and more. We sincerely look forward to your joining us.

  • Oral Care
    Be careful oral care health, health is not only on the body but also in the mouth. Unlike other parts of the body, teeth can heal and regenerate.
  • General Dentistry
    Dentistry is a health science related to the oral cavity. From the initial manual operation based on experience to the current high-tech intelligent treatment, the development has never stopped.
  • Hygiene
    To open a formal oral medical institution, it is necessary to design and decorate disinfection spaces, disinfecting facilities, contaminated, semi-contaminated, and clean areas in accordance with local health regulations.
  • Endodontics
    The dental pulp is located in the pulp cavity inside the tooth. The main components of the dental pulp include nerves, lymphatic and connective tissue, as well as dentin cells that line the periphery of the dental pulp.
  • Orthodontics
    Orthodontics is the straightening of teeth, the removal of misaligned teeth, and deformities. Orthodontics mainly studies the etiology and mechanism, diagnosis, and treatment of malocclusion.

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  • Manufacturer and Whole seller-All equipments for dental equipment, dental clinic and parts can be found here.

  • Professional dental-medical supplier Since 1992 and developing strongly to dental unit, dental simulator, dental consumables, etc.

  • We manufacture and deal to Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, Australia, Middle East etc... all over the World.supply ability-more than 4,000 sets dental units per-year.

  • We have gradually transformed from a foreign trade company to a manufacturing enterprise integrating production and sales, focusing on dental products.Welcome to visit.

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